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Coaching Conference 2019
Keep Up The Momentum With…

Change. Journey. Influence. Science. Inner Self.


About Conference


Firstly, we wanted to invite people to “Play the world game”.


Than we wanted to explain “Where Coaching Meets Science“.


The 3rd Coaching Conference “Hands on “, was dedicated to the different coaching niches.


The fourth conference was about how coaching can be „Applied“ in companies.

“Keep Up The Momentum“

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Starting point of every success is the wish. Anyway, we will be successful only if that is important for us as the breathing is. That means that every impulse is counted. That by every heart beat we are closer to our goal. If we are speaking about team management, continuous learning and self-development, us as parents or us in next 10 years, we can say that coaching is proven and faithful partner on our way to success. Five years in a row we are working on development of leaders and managers by using coaching as a tool that really makes a difference. We believe in continuous and exponential development of human potential. We also believe that a human is harmonious and inseparable whole of its own society roles, that are well combined into a unique symphony.

This year’s Coaching Conference is dedicated to you! To what is really important to you. According to that, we carefully picked the topics and the speakers.

Keynote Speeches

Keep Up The Momentum With Change

Jonathan Passmore

How to develop a coaching culture in your organisation – A 10 step plan for every organisation

When a company goes through change, the transition requires individuals and teams to develop new ways of working. Increasingly coaching is seen as a perfect tool to support mergers and acquisitions, as well as wider organisational change. In this session, Jonathan will share insights how coaching can help promote and support organisational change. He will share a model developed to give a practical guide for managers and coaches working with organisations and who want to better understand how they can use coaching more widely. Moreover, he will look at four levels for using coaching; the use of external coaches for c-suite leaders, developing internal coaching teams to drive change, enhancing the skills of managers to create a go-to coaching management styles and lastly using coaching with suppliers, stakeholders and wider networks. The session will be underpinned by research and Jonathan’s practical experience of applying this model with a selection of global brands in retail and financial services. Learn more about his 10-step plan and how successful partnership between key figures is vital in the process of change.

Keep Up The Momentum With Science

Lyra Puspa

Brain to Brain Coaching – Applying neuroscience in coaching as a business

Coaching is about change and growth. From applied neuroscience perspective, coaching is basically stimulating client’s brain plasticity through meaningful conversation. This speech will explore the cutting edge of applied neuroscience studies and principles that explains why human being can change, how to create sustainable change, and why some coaching methods are ineffective while some other methods truly create significant impact. The presentation will also cover some essential understandings about the mechanism of inter-brain synchrony between the coach and the client.

Applying neuroscience in coaching as a business, Organisational Neuroscientist in Indonesia as well as a Strategic Transformation Coach, Lyra Puspa will deliver the latest experimental neuroscience research of Vanaya Coaching International. It will show how brain-based coaching intervention may induce significant changes, not only in the observable behavior and habit, but also in the neural structure, bio functions, and brain patterns. The participants will be enlightened about how the brain science can be embedded in professional coaching practice.

Keep Up The Momentum With Journey

Peđa Jovanović

My Identity Journey

Over the last few decades the concept of identity became one prominent way to re-conceptualise “the self”. Generally said, “the self” is viewed as series of identities that can be simultaneously presented. Once evoked, individuals’ actions are directed to having others verify identities. At the same time, identities can act as filters of selective perception as we interact with the world

During Pedja’s session you will get a chance to start the journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery, to cross over the limits and boundaries of our self-imposed ego identities, and ultimately get in touch with real, core identity. One session will not be enough to completely explore it, but it can definitely invite you to raise the awareness and open that questions that will help you to get in touch with it through time. Once you spark your Core Identity, you will be able to recognise it in others. Regarding that, you will be able to reach and support others on a global scale.

By recognising our birth given purpose, we will have an opportunity to leave a legacy to the next generations.

Keep Up The Momentum With Influence

Nelson Emilio

The power of ONE: Leveraging personal branding in a corporate world

The coaching market is getting crowded, making it difficult for potential clients to find the ideal coach for them, so, how do you stand out and be chosen? We can tell you it’s not because of your beautiful site, pretty logo or corporate headshot.

In today’s competitive world, your ability to establish an influential personal brand supported by your expertise and technical skills is a differentiating advantage. Your potential clients need to feel like they truly know, like and trust you in order to consider hiring you. Learn how and why personal branding is not about self-promotion but rather the value you give to others.

Keep Up The Momentum With Inner Self

Mickaël Dufourneaud

Creating awareness in Coaching: A way to gain clarity and make changes

Recognition of elementary needs on personality level of every individual is more often accepted as important factor and condition for professional and personal development. Understanding our own strengths, capabilities, possibilities, emotions and thoughts contributes to forming specific point of view of our own personality, especially about self-awareness. For coaches, self-awareness is crucial in working with clients. Coaching empowers self-awareness of clients by establishing strong contact with their “self” in all phases of coaching process. Strength of this process lies in coach that creates space for widening client’s self-awareness.

The Process Communication Model offers world class tools to better understand second by second behaviors and build a common language that can be used to identify more resources for ourselves or our coaches.


* Every participant should choose 2 out of 3 workshops to attend to. After the application representatives of Atria Group will contact you.

Personality-Based Practice

Dragana Miletić

Even though it is about the types of personality, PCM has also for decades been helping millions of clients around the world, emphasising the diversity of our personality and the impossibility of classifying people into categories and types. On this workshop, we will talk about understanding the complexity of the personality mosaic and how PCM coaches can help their clients to get to know and enrich their personality.

Workshop themes:

  • How to use the knowledge about our and client’s personality in the best possible way?
  • How can PCM help us remove the frameworks we were once put in?
  • How to step out of the comfort zone but keep the solid base?

Creative Coaching

Marija Branovački

Bojana Vesić Antić

Do you believe creativity is innate and can only be found in those who pursue creative professions, like artists, architects and writers? Creativity is not a skill exclusive for people in traditionally creative professions. It is not something you either have, or you do not. Creativity is a muscle that can and should be trained, since being able to apply a creative lens is a key success factor in all careers.

On this interactive workshop you will have an opportunity to learn how to:

  • 1. Become comfortable with the creative process?
  • 2. Develop creative routines and habits
  • 3. Embrace diversity
  • 4. Use creativity in coaching with people/teams
  • 5. Implement creativity in decision making process, meetings, goal settings and motivation

Let’s get Creative together!

Coaching Through Design Thinking

Nikola Rajić

Milica Pićurić

It is hard for a day to go by without a mention of design thinking in any type of business centered news stream. It is a very hip concept, for it has enabled all types of organisations to deliver products and solutions that directly answer people’s needs and solve their problems. While many define design thinking through their own prism, at its core is a process well defined by Stanford’s school:

  • Empathize – observe, engage, and listen
  • Define – shift through data, figure out the problem, and address it
  • Ideate – brainstorming to generate as many options
  • Prototype – experimentation, see what works, and learn from what doesn’t
  • Test – Refine the prototype, bring back to the user

This workshop examines what design thinking is, what similarities it shares with several coaching models, and how it can be applied for optimal results in coaching engagements. It will also examine what some differences are, and how to avoid pitfalls.

Participants will be walked through the design thinking process and will then practice the concept through role playing.


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