Coaching Conference – place where everyone’s momentum meets their vision.

Coaching has always had an important role in my life, even when I didn’t know that it was coaching.

From my previous experience, I can tell what it feels like to have a personal sport coach or a mentor. As a former athlete and a National Champion, I had someone who believed in my talent and knew my personality and motivational triggers very well. Beside my potential to run 400m and 800m, my coach had an approach that always helped me to move ahead. She was my role model as a woman who broke the World record back in 1968 in London. Together we celebrated many races and success as a result of our common interest, her belief in my potential and my trust in her knowledge. It was hard. Many times, I won races not because I was prepared physically but rather mentally and emotionally and because my coach always knew how to talk to me, challenge me and elicit this desire for winning.

The truth is, I have always been challenged and I have never been bored in my life. Therefore, for me, a Momentum represents “Continuous improvement”.

The obvious transition from sport to business environment was very natural for me. The first time, I was lucky to be chosen to work with the world champion, the second time I made the choice. Today I work with the most qualified ICF coaches at Atria Group. I have the opportunity to constantly learn and see how they work with the business champions – Senior Leaders, Executives, CEO’s. Regarding that, the Coaching Conference is dedicated to the Coaching Champions and the ones interested into entering the world of winners.

As a project leader, I am in charge of the Conference execution and for me it means organising an event where everyone’s momentum meets their vision.

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