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Atria Group is an international consulting company with the mission to provide its clients the best tools for leadership development, as well as for personal and professional growth. Core business of our company consists of professional trainings and coaching programs supported by expertise in leadership, effective communication, presentational skills and business coaching. We integrate our comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge development and assessment technology into programs that we adjust to specific needs of our various clients.

Through long-term partnerships with Erickson College (Canada), Kahler Communication (France), SHL Talent Measurement (UK) and Persona Global (USA) which represent leading international companies in the field of employees’ development and assessment, we bring supreme programs to local markets. Combining all methodologies of our portfolio we provide the best solutions for our clients in the right place at the right time.

HR World

HR WORLD represents an innovative concept focused on strengthening the HR field through knowledge sharing and connecting different stakeholders. The principal objective of the HR World organisation, a community of the HR professionals of the Adria region, is the transformation of the HR purpose from former personnel into contemporary, more innovative and humane business function with the strategic influence.

HR World builds bonds between academic and business community by encouraging more dynamic flow and the connection between theoretical and practical knowledge from the field of human resource management. Key HR World projects are Coaching and HR World publication, HR Chat events, HR Starter program for students, Coaching day events, HR VR Lab and HR World Millennials.

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