Why is important to “Keep Up The Momentum”? – Peđa Jovanović

Why is important to “Keep Up The Momentum”? – Peđa Jovanović

Momentum, or impulse, takes things that are already moving to move faster and better. It is a determinant of success and continuous development. If I come to the end of a trip, I’ll start another. If I win the Chinese Wall, I’ll climb Everest. For my team and me, that Everest was the spread of coaching culture in Serbia. We started this peak five years ago, when we organised the first Coaching Conference, and it lasts till today. First, we wanted to introduce the public with coaching methodology (“Play The World Game”), then we showed why coaching has a clear and proven scientific basis (“Where Coaching Meets Science”). The third conference was devoted to the different coaching branches the named “Hands on”, while the fourth was dedicated to implementation of coaching in companies (“Applied”). This year we want to focus on continuous learning and growing. On success, or momentum, which is transmitted from one life sphere to another.

By making different choices and focusing on new things, we can slow momentum in some areas and create new momentum in others. This will help us move in the directions that we truly desire.

Momentum is defined by the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of actions.

Our thoughts have momentum. When we focus on a thought and give it our attention, that energy affects what we say and do in response. Once a thought gets enough of our attention, it begins to gather momentum.

We are the ones who have the power to adjust momentum.

I would like to invite all of you to join us on this journey. To discover your own momentum. To become a part of biggest coaching community in Eastern Europe and to reach the power of momentum! Welcome!

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